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We're passionate about inspiring people to make the most of lighting. The Danish tradition and passion for great lighting combined with world class technology enables us to deliver a wide range of products with a superior combination of lasting quality, great design and user-friendly functionality - at competitive prices.

Nordlux's products light up the dark in more than 50 countries and are sold by more than 5000 dealers worldwide. Nordlux Group consists of three brands: Nordlux, Design For The People and Energetic.

Nordlux is attractive value-for-money bulbs and luminaires, while Design For The People focuses on award-winning Danish design products. Energetic provides LED products (mostly bulbs) with the newest technology.

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Design For The People Catalogue 2024-2025

Design For The People Catalogue 2024-2025. ...

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Design For The People Catalogue 2024-2025. ...

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