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Our ambition is to offer several ways to control your lighting, from the simplest method to the most sophisticated, so that everyone can find the right option for them. Choose from simple wall switch control with a single click, using a remote control from the sofa and pointing at one or more lamps, use of the purpose built mobile application, user created schedule programming or even your voice to attend to your lighting needs or desires.

Not only does our latest technology allow you to turn on and off one or more lamps, but also independently control the intensity, the white temperature or colour and lighting effect of each light to best suit the moment, the area or the activity.

At LUTEC we want our smart lighting range to be the very best at providing a quality of light that everyone can appreciate on a daily basis, without necessarily using an application. Reliability, ease and accessibility for the whole family are our priorities.


Solar lamps of today are limited by a lack of control of their autonomy and light intensity. LUTEC’s control and adjust features make it possible to create a power to light duration compromise, according to one’s needs.


LUTEC connect camera lights provide modern, energy-saving LED lighting with simple controls through the LUTEC connect App. It’s easy and convenient to light up your arrival at home or create a delightful atmosphere in your garden.

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