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A know-how acquired over 30 years of research and development.

Each Slamp technopolymer is characterised by custom-made blends tailored to the design purpose. These include the addition of glass crystals and the incorporation of anti-ultraviolet ray additives and anti-static treatments for dust.

Slamp’s technopolymer sheets are processed using two different cutting techniques, depending on the material’s characteristics and the design complexity. All industrial processing methods are completely cold and do not release harmful substances, with only 20% of cases involving water vapour. Die cutting, which has been used since the company’s inception, is done by hand with wooden support and titanium blades. This technology is used for shaping low-thickness technopolymer sheets with smaller dimensions. The die-cutting operator, with a swift motion, inserts the sheet to be cut and retrieves the already cut one, resembling a hypnotic dance to watch. For more complex patterns and thicker materials, the cutting method used is computer numerical control (CNC cutting).

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