Lighting Design Services

Services- Lighting design

This kind of service that our experienced lighting design lab is offering is done through a fairly simple and straightforward process which is as follows:



At first point an exploratory discussion is taking place concerning the use of the building and what role kind of role will lighting  play in this kind of project.

Concept Stage

Our first set of drawings are based on image and functionality that we want the space to have while taking into account for this study several aspects such as budget, feasibility, maintenance and sustainability.

For this reason the mode of communication of our ideas is through sketches, photo-realistic images, process images taken by the architect / designer. Also if necessary Photometric calculations are possible to be carried out and more important we have to the knowledge to interpret them.

Design Stage

At this stage detailed plans delivered with the positions of the luminaires. Also, reports are carried out which includes the luminaire and lamp specification asa well as the cost estimate.

Supervision - Support

During monitoring the project or even at an earlier stage samples of the products that have been specified can be delivered to the client as well as mock up tests can be done.

Finally, we support the maintenance team of the building with continuous and long-term reports concerning the lighting scheme design in order to maintain the basic concept of our design as they were at the time of delivery.


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